About Audible Hype

My name is Justin Boland and I work for World Around Records. You can catch me on The Twitter and The Facebook. Audible Hype is about independent artists making money, building careers and quitting day jobs. I've been writing here for over two years, so there's a ton of material...

Where Should You Start?

The Collections. Jewels from living legends and wise veterans. Part One: ?uestlove, El-P, Wendy Day. Part Two: Kevin Beacham, TJ Chapman, Mike Ross. Part Three: Phonte, Evidence, DJ Muggs. There's also a collection for the beat scientists: Goldmine for Crate Diggers, featuring advice from professionals on smart business and sample laws.

Some of the best material on the site is contained in three case studies:

  • 1. Invincible, the Detroit emcee who blurs the line between social activism and independent music.
  • 2. Oddisee's work on Diamond District and the Big Picture that guides his career.
  • 3. The story of how !llmind built a business off his beats rounds out the trilogy.

My overall perspective is summed up in 4 articles:

  • Love Thy Hater - how to deal with negative feedback and turn it into a business asset. This is one of the most important skills you can develop if you're serious about your career.
  • The Year of the Glut - a harsh wake-up call about the odds against you and the economic facts of life: there are more people competing for less money, every year.
  • Getting Ready for a Long, Cold Winter - how to deal with the Glut problem...proven strategies for surviving and thriving through hard times.
  • 3 Essential Internet Tools for New Artists - a stripped down take on internet promotion, focusing only on the right tools. Simple, effective, free, you can get set up properly in one night.

RAPPERS WHO HUSTLE HARD. Magestik Legend is one of my favorite rappers and he gave a dope + detailed interview on building a business foundation. One of the best interviews on this site is Columbus, OH world champion Blueprint, who discusses his career and his lessons learned. Krukid drops gems on motivation and integrity, Kansas City phenom Jabee speaks on staying humble and service to community, and San Diego vet Blame One considers long-term success, and Fresh Daily gives an NYC perspective on underground hip hop.

PRODUCERS AND DJs. Madison's own Man Mantis has provided an education on the MPC - Part One and Part Two. DJ Trackstar has given some great interviews on Quality Control and Building a Career. DJ Pain 1 is a highly successful role model worth getting familiar with. K-Murdock talked about full-time production and Kickstarter, Willie Green preaches on home studios and professional engineering, and X:144 discusses presentation and creative approaches to promo.

STRAIGHT BUSINESS. Start with this interview: Paul "NASA" Loverro goes in-depth about running an independent label in the digital age. Three Dollar Pistol artist Zilla Rocca goes in on life as an independent on the East Coast, from booking nightmares to blog problems. Patric "Astroblack" Brown talks about tour management and getting started in the industry, Kevin English drops serious science on music management, and TAIS talks about entrepreneur frames of mind and juggling projects. We've also covered planning your first album or your next release, promoting it to bloggers, and the importance of helping other independent artists.

If you're an independent hip hop artist with album releases and touring experience under your belt, odds are I would be interested in interviewing you. Take the time to get in touch.

Final Disclaimer

I am a hick from Vermont who reads too much but doesn't think enough, and my own rap career is embarrassingly non-existent. Don't take anything I say too seriously. All the real value here is from people wiser than me. In fact, only read the stuff in quotes. That's a good rule of thumb here.

Music by Justin Boland