C Rayz Walz: Sun Cycle Business Plans

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For your Monday morning enjoyments, here’s a short interview with a living legend. I’ve been a fan of this cat since Whodafuckareyou? came out and I’m grateful to be able to share some words from C Rayz Walz, certified ninja and Sun Cycle Entertainment CEO, too. (Big thanks to Dub MD for making this interview possible.)

Do you think it’s still possible for a hungry emcee to make a living off hip hop?

C Rayz Walz I mean…I’ve been living off Hip Hop since 1996 and I’ve never starved. Sometimes I JUST make it w/ my bills etc. But I’ve never felt empty or compromised for what I do. I wouldn’t START Rhyming now if I wasn’t for many Years Already. There’s too much. I’d Rather be a Fan and Teach in School. But there is always a Space for Dreams. Werd to Killer Mike.

AH: Having worked with a lot of labels, what inspired you to start Sun Cycle Entertainment? What did you need to be different from your previous labels? SunCycle Ent. is an Extension of myself. For the People…By the People. I NEVER want to limit and Artist or shift the Ultimate choice of what they want to do w/ their music. A Lot of Labels didn’t trust my Visions & my A&R Ear for songs & Ideas and that’s why they are where they are now. I’m a Team Player but I need my Team mates to have Confidence in scoring on Defense & Offense if that makes sense.

Are you looking to expand Sun Cycle Entertainment in 2012?

C Rayz Walz: I want to be where DEF JUX could have been by next Fall. I will be there. My Artist are Amazingly Talented & They are Very Good People and The Vision is There. Mark my Words, Mark my Heavenly Words. What up Price!

AH: Does family life making touring more difficult? Do you ever bring your family on the road?

C Rayz Walz: Family life is Very tough cuz you have those attachments & responsibilities that Limit somethings you can do but I’m grown and I have lead a VERY Rockstar Life. Trust That. I can’t wait for the Day when I can go on the Road w/ all 5 of my Children & make music w/ them and Share them w/ the World cuz They are The Dopest Tracks I’ve ever Made!!!

What advice do you have for new artists on improving their live show?

C Rayz Walz: Come to SunCycle Ent. for a Consultation.

I charge $150 for Phone Conversations on the Topic . The Information I will give you is Priceless but it’s only for the Serious Artist. No Joke. Call me and I’ll show you how to do what these labels will never think of. Ahahahahahahhaahhaha

Having participated in so many legendary battles, I have to ask: what’s your take on the Grindtime leagues? Do you think written battles are the future?

C Rayz Walz Obviously written Battles are the Future cuz its Big as Elephant Birth right now. Personally, I don’t have time to study the next man or woman for 30 days and write a Rhyme specifically about them. I have babies and more responsibilities than the average artist by far. There are Mc’s like NoCando & Iron Solomon who are Deadly Freestyle Artist as well as Great Writers and they are The Top of The List in That Arena. Nobody’s Really Dope as those 2 Mc’s Right there. Quote me. The Fact that they both have told me that they look up to me & have Learned much from me makes me feel like I’m participating Vicariously through them so I don’t miss it as much as I used to. Feel me? When my Life gets less Hectic I will come back to the Battle Arena cuz I’m one of the Best at it, But for now I’m happy that the competition can NoCando Iron Solomon. Pun Intended. Word to Chris Rios!

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