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Zilla Rocca first showed up here on Audible Hype when he gave one of the best interviews of 2010, “DIY Hip Hop Everything.” Today we come full circle as Zilla drops his latest EP, Bad Weather Classic, through World Around. Just in time for seasonal depression, we’ve got a beautifully dark dose of noir-hop for you…

Tracklist / Credits

  • Tiger Heli - produced by Face One
  • Bad Weather Classic - featuring Malley and Curly Castro - produced by Face One
  • Never Should I Lose You - produced by Zilla Rocca
  • High School Ring - produced by Small Professor
  • Midnight Mask - produced by Zilla Rocca

A hush falls over the city, thicker than the February snow and twice as heavy. From some dark place in that desperate sprawl, Zilla Rocca of the infamous 5 O’Clock Shadowboxers delivers his latest EP. This is a dangerous parcel, weighted down with seedy, dangerous lyrics and beats that cut closer than a two-bit shave. These are the Bad Weather Classics.

So grit your teeth, and think of Philadelphia.

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