1. The Source interviews Amir Abbassy from Blame the Label


    A smart conversation with a spooky smart manager / marketing visionary type.

  2. An Interview With...Me, Talking Shop about World Around and Such


    Praverb has been doing an excellent run of interviews; unfortunately I had to come through and foul up his winning streak with my schizoid ranting. People I don’t even know are insisting this is a good read, though, so maybe give it a chance.

  3. A Look at 50 Cents Game Plan to Take Over Rap (Again)


    Craig Jenkins is always worth reading, but this was a standout — lots of strategic insights here in addition to the usual clean and hilarious writing style.

  4. How to Game the Twitter/Billboard Charts


    An insightful write-up from Broken Language — also, it should be noted, literally the only coverage of these charts so far that is anything but a press release rehash.

  5. Praverb


  6. Praverb interviews Michael Tolle from Mello Music Group


    Obviously, worth reading. Get this into your life, daug.

  7. King Kash on Getting Gigs and UK Hustling


    An interesting interview from Across the Pond. Good advice from a sane human being.

  8. Why Being a Hip Hop Producer Sucks


    Very interesting read from Paul Cantor. Food for thought.

  9. An Interview with Small Professor


    The always-capable crew at Passion of the Weiss interview a talented and humble mammal with a lot to teach.

  10. GZA Breaks Down "Liquid Swords" Track for Track


    This has basically nothing to do with “music business” but you know you need to read this just off that title alone.

  11. Milo and the Concept of Patronage


    Interesting riff on an interesting business experiment.

  12. Interview with the Founders of UGSMAG


    Talking shop about that “digital multimedia platform tastemaker” hustle never gets old for music business nerds. This is for y’all.

  13. J Live interviewed in Vice


    J Live is awesome, Skinny Friedman is entertaining, this is an overall win for the human species. Also: lots of music business shop talk here.

  14. Eminem Brings Big Money (and American Idol Narratives) with a New Battle Rap League


    Interesting experiment from Eminem; surely a better use of his time & talents than branded headphones or something. Giving Grind Time competitors a bigger platform and a “reality show” treatment should be … well … fucking weird, I guess. Fucking weird.

  15. Interview with a Founder of DatPiff


    DatPiff is of course a nightmare wasteland — but it is a big and important nightmare wasteland, and this interview has a lot of interesting insights from the control room.

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