“Haven’t You Heard?” | 8 Track Mix from Dr. Quandary

Posted by Justin Boland on Jan 11, 2011 | 0 Comments

Dr. Quandary Hip Hop Mix

I spent the morning formatting interviews and bumping this mix from Dr. Quandary in the MDR-7506’s. I figured it was fresh enough to inflict on the entire Internets - if you’re up on SigNif, Greydon Square or Witness, you already know this will be an innovative treat…

Artists Featured:

  • SigNif - dope Milwaukee hip hop…check out The Transition, an exceptionally nice free album.
  • Greydon Square - some of best lyrics we’ve heard in years, his album The Kardashev Scale is a monumental piece of work.
  • Iz-Real & Icky Slick - something about this goofy-ass weirdo rap is just pitch perfect, innit? Check out The Izslickulus Package.
  • Adam Kadmon - from some basement tapes…on a vintage Louis Mackey beat.
  • Dr. Quandary - Lost in Her Eyes is an unreleased cut. Hit him up @quandary if you’re in a beat purchasing mood. Lou Zeppelin - Going to California. Nuff said, right?
  • Stereotypes - Back - we’re suckers for honest throwback shit and these guys nail that vibe every time.
  • Daimyo! is 16 years old and completely insanely talented. Here, he’s working with Minnesota emcee Witness on this beautiful track Mission Statement. Up next: “Only Right” features lunatic emcee
  • Social Change flexing over some Philthy Drummond production. We love this song for obvious reasons. The incomparable
  • Mark Aubert closes it out with “Hobby Night.”

Bonus Round: If you want more fresh streaming hip hop, head over to The Mad Bloggers to get your Hip Hop Breakfast…more quality tracks for your brainparts.

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