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Posted by Justin Boland on Jan 30, 2011 | 0 Comments

Few of us ever see it coming. There will be many points your life where the Universe cracks you in the face hard enough to lay you out on the street, drooling. We are seldom ready for it, and nobody ever expects the moment to be caught on camera and immortalized on Teh Internets. Copywrite released an amazingly good album this year and the photo is ancient history, but I’m posting it here because my week is pretty much summed up completely by the guy on the right. This is the playlist of positive, transformational music that’s helped keep me sane…


  • Dom Kennedy - Me Again The beat grabbed me but the verses really made me appreciate how much I slept on this guy’s craftsmanship. Plus a pep talk at the end.
  • Co$$ feat. Blu - Through the Flames This is pretty much the jam of 2011 so far. Co$$ could have carried this easy, so adding Blu is 10/10 material.
  • The Roots feat. Blu - Great hook, perfect beat, but the highlight of this track is the contrast between Black Though and Blu. This reminds me of “Frozen” with Slick Rick & Raekwon — a huge education in one song.
  • Mandeep Sethi - Activating Souls - Expect to hear a lot more of this guy in future mixes…his catalog is fire and his sound is refreshingly different. I don’t mean the sitar touches on the beat, I mean his entire flow pattern and message. Space age B boy shit for sure.
  • Louis Mackey - Margarita Levieva - Beautiful instrumental track from Lou’s last EP, Destroyer of All Things.
  • Dumhi ft. Signifire - What You Do - Great verse from Signifire about gambling addictions and self-deception. Signifire has a project on the way with…
  • Humpasaur Jones - Dr. Quandary’s Anthembanger - New release from World Around…the capstone of the 2010 Anthembanger project, and a promotional preview of the upcoming album Breakup Music, produced entirely by Boston producer Dr. Quandary.
  • Qwel & Maker - El Camino - Who saw this album coming? Qwel totally flipped his style up into a classic template and dropped a powerful album with Maker…we highly recommend checking out Owl, especially if you haven’t been a fan of Qwel in the past.

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