HUMP JONES vs. WILLIE GREEN - “Please Do” ft Pro of The Aztext, Mohrer Les and Zilla Rocca

Posted by Justin Boland on Feb 23, 2011 | 0 Comments

Making a Posse Cut Happen Fast

Hump Jones: Most of the time, I completely take over any beat I write to. When I finished the first 16 for this Willie Green beat, though, I wanted to hear how other emcees would approach the format. I tagged in Mohrer Les because I’ve known him for years now and I knew he’d deliver something throwback classic. I’ve played some of my all-time favorite shows with The Aztext, so getting Pro on board for this cut was a blessing. Finally, I knew I could count on Zilla Rocca to take things in a different direction. I feel like his final verse was the grand slam that makes this track.

AH: Was there a lot of waiting involved?

Hump Jones: Actually, the only waiting time involved was Willie Green waiting on me. Once I had the stoned vision, everyone made it happen in about two weeks. Zilla Rocca is the fastest-working rapper I’ve ever dealt with, his turnaround is somewhere between humiliating and terrifying. Pro was already in work mode because The Aztext are working on their Who Cares If We’re Dope series with Elevated Press.

AH: Who did the final mix?

Hump Jones: Actually, that was all Custom, who got the green light from Willie Green to put the track together. Willie Green is usually a more hands-on producer, since he’s also a mix engineer and does mastering work on the side, but he dug the work Custom was doing. Custom is currently Florida-based but he’s been our go-to guy at World Around for almost a year now. “Extremely fortunate” doesn’t do our situation justice — he’s a huge asset for World Around and I definitely recommend his services to anyone who wants Top 1% Results.

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