Godforbid & Thirtyseven - “Big Day for the Little People”

Posted by Justin Boland on Feb 23, 2012 | 0 Comments

I’ve been tightening up my video promo this year, starting with the Humpasaur Jones project. I’ve been getting into elaborate lyrics videos, like this puppy here…

Big Day for the Little People was just released as part of our World Around Wednesdays” series. I’ve already been featured on another Godforbid project called American Style Cardboard and I’m working on a new album with him in Boston, so I made this video a priority. It took way too long. That’s because I wanted to keep it visually engaging and fast, and I think it was time well spent.

This was created using GIMP, a free Photoshop clone that has all the genetic disorders and medical problems you’d expect from a free clone, and Sony Vegas which I totally did not pirate. At all.

I am still learning & experimenting with live footage, but in the meantime, any DIY artist can build up their catalog with a YouTube channel. It’s a chore on par with doing laundry, but what’s wrong with doing laundry? Even something as simple as this No Humans Allowed video is still effective promo…sure, it’s just an mp3 and an album cover, but it’s still getting plays and sending traffic towards our landing pages. There will be simple, shitty videos of your tracks going online anyway: make sure they’re your own, because at least that way you can control the copywriting and commentary.

Youtube does get results. There’s a fuck-ton of traffic humming through those servers. Do not sleep on the value of video. Rendering and uploading is slow, boring work, but so is everything else that matters when you’re trying to launch a music career by yourself. Make a plan and commit to it: a few a months later your work will stack up impressively….or silently mock your sloth and weakness.

Either way: hey, it’s feedback.

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